"The champion of renaming programs available for the Mac."

                       - VersionTracker.com

File Sequencer (screenshot) is a utility for animators, effects artists and photographers, who frequently need to organize large groups of files. File Sequencer can quickly and easily change the way files are named, numbered, and sorted. And it has all the options and controls you might need whatever your purpose might be. Best of all, its totally free to download, use and distribute!


•  New random sort.
•  Now optimized for Leopard.
•  Sorts files in several different ways, including alphabetical, numerical, and by modification date.
•  Adds, removes, or changes the file extension.
•  Allows you to renumber only certain files in a folder - filtering by text string, numeric range, or file extension.
•  Option to copies files to a new folder, preserving the original files.
•  Allows manual reordering (using preview) of files before they are renumbered.


Send your feedback and bug reports to jnarun@gmail.com.